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Automatically generate your Agile indicators from your JIRA data (Cloud, server, datacenter).

Your Agile indicators in 1 click!

Wiveez is a digital platform for the automatic generation of Agile, shared and collaborative indicators. It is intended for Agile organizations that wish to measure their performance, facilitate decision-making and strengthen continuous improvement.

  • Turnkey or customizable KPIs catalog
  • Automatic generation of your Agile indicators
  • Collaborative and shared tool
  • Intuitive and reliable KPIs and dashboards
  • Scale indicator generator (SAFe, Feature Team, etc.)

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Create your Wiveez account and connect it in seconds with your JIRA instance. Load your JIRA projects and automatically generate your Lean – Agile dashboards and indicators.

Share the power of Wiveez with your entire organization!

Wiveez empowers all actors in your organization – Agile Teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Management – ​​to align, manage and measure Agile performance.

For teams

Aligner la démarche Agile sur les attentes des MétiersAlign the Lean-Agile approach with the expectations of the Business Lines

For Managers & Leaders

Manage the performance and motivation of Agile teams

For the entire organization

Measuring the profitability and impact of Agile transformation at scale.

“Wiveez gave us insight into our agile metrics […] while allowing us to identify different levers for improvement.“

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